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Wellness Services

General Wellness Evaluation
  • Tests your ability to move and function properly so that you remain active and injury free.
  • Includes testing to reveal muscle imbalances, postural abnormalities, joint stiffness, and flexibility problems.
Balance Evaluation
  • Balance problems can occur with certain medical conditions and as a normal consequence of aging.
  • Includes testing to determine functional limitations and areas of concern.
  • Designed for anyone who wants to improve balance and reduce fall risk.
  • Also includes individualized home exercise program.
Senior Fit Wellness Program
  • Designed for anyone over the age of 60 who wants to stay active.
  • Includes individualized stretching and strengthening home exercise program.
Sport Evaluation
  • Designed for injury prevention for all levels of athletes.
  • Includes testing for muscle imbalances and weak or tight areas that can lead to problems.
  • Includes assessment and home exercise program.
Teen Fit Wellness Evaluation
  • Designed for ages 10-17 with varying levels of physical activity.
  • Assessment includes posture, strength, coordination, and flexibility.
  • Great for athletes and returning to sport.
Foam Rolling Techniques
  • Learn self-myofascial release using foam rolling exercises.
  • Decrease risk of injury and improve flexibility.
  • Includes foam roller and exercise guide for home use.
Back Education Class
  • Learn how to help reduce risk of low back injury.
  • Topics covered include: posture, flexibility, ergonomics, body mechanics.
  • Includes McKenzie super roll and stretching home exercise program.
Posture and Core Wellness
  • Learn how to prevent back and neck problems by developing good posture, core strength, and flexibility.
  • Includes testing and home exercise program.
Wellness services do not require a referral from a MD.
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