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Welcome to George Haras Physical Therapy Inc​!

George Haras Physical Therapy Inc is dedicated to providing high quality, individualized care. We specialize in the rehabilitation of orthopedic and sports injuries.


The patient's health and well-being is our top priority. Every session consists of entirely one-on-one treatment with a licensed physical therapist that will help you achieve your desired goals.



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Orthopedic/Sports Rehabilitation
Customized Treatment
  • Manual Therapy

  • Therapeutic Exercise

  • Neuromuscular Re-education

  • Therapeutic Modalities

  • Home Exercise Prescription

  • Patient Education

One on One Care

Each session includes 45-55 minutes of individualized 1-on-1 treatment with a Physical Therapist

About Us

Our goal is to help restore optimal movement and function to improve overall health and have patients return to enjoying life as soon as possible.

Contact Us

1655 Taraval St. San Francisco, CA 94116

(located inside Raise The Bar Fitness)

Tel: 415.858.3391
Fax: 415.840.7191

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